Spare Part Guarantee

All Crosswater Limited's spare parts are made at the highest quality and are all 100% genuine. The spare parts sold on this website are covered by a 12 month manufacturers guarantee, please read below to see any exclusions to the guarantee.
Exclusions to manufacturers guarantee:
  • Damage due to lime scale or any waterborne debris
  • Damage caused by inappropriate cleaning products
  • Damage to the product during installation
  • Fault caused through incorrect installation
  • The product being used for a purpose other than that intended by the manufacturer.
In the instance that your spare part has a manufacturing fault, you are covered by the guarantee, providing the product is still in warranty. Your guarantee is active from day of delivery and no registration is needed for the guarantee of your spare part to be active. We recommend keeping your invoice and order details in your personal records to keep track of the guarantee dates in case you need to claim.
How to claim
In the unlikely event of a failure within the guarantee period, you will need to contact our customer service team. To make the claim as fast tracked as possible, please have your invoice/order details at hand.
If you are looking for our full product guarantee (not spare part) then please visit the Crosswater website.