Totti II Bath Shower Mixer with Kit


  • MPRO Bath Shower Mixer Kit Chrome (PRO422DC)
  • Chrome Collar For Use With TO422DC (KLE7FQCCXN_21)
  • Totti Cross Head (R4345C)

All available spares for Totti II Bath Shower Mixer with Kit

Name Price Part Number Image
Cold Cartridge £35.00 X1A018N-C Magnify
Diverter Mechanism £18.00 KRC051C Magnify
PRO450/422 Handset Chrome £43.00 PROHANDSET1C
PRO422 Clamping Set Chrome £9.98 PRO422CLAMPSETC
PRO422 Aerator Housing & Aerator £7.00 PRO422AERATOR
PRO422 Cold Cartridge/PRO450 Hot Cartridge £9.98 PROHOTCART1
PRO422 Hot Cartridge/PRO450 Cold Cartridge £9.98 PROCOLDCART1
PRO422 Lever Chrome £20.99 PRO422LEVERC
PRO422 Diverter Assembly Chrome £30.98 PRO422DIVERTASC
PRO422 Handset Holder Chrome £20.99 PRO422HANHOLDC
PRO422 Hose Chrome £28.99 PRO422HOSEC